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St. Paul’s teachers are loving, nurturing, patient and kind. With each of our four children you were there to listen to our concerns and offer advice. We appreciate all you have done for Julia, Emily, Hannah and Michael. We thank you for loving them and teaching them and showing them by example how to be good people.

Terry and Rob Blanchard

My son’s year at St. Paul’s was so enjoyable; he had a lot of fun! We appreciate all that the teachers have done for him and all of the children in his preschool class. He has grown a lot this year and we thank all of you for that.

Jess and Ken Mackenzie 

We would like to thank the teachers for making our daughter’s Nursery School experience so special. She has grown so much over the last two years. Today she is confident and loves school. Marley has spoken so fondly of all the teachers. We thank you for your patients and love.

Todd and Marley Sperry 

We would like to thank the teachers for all their help with our girls. Both girls love attending St. Paul’s Nursery School and it is a great feeling to leave them and know that they are well cared for.

Steve and Amy Platt

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